Bringing Carriers and Forwarders Together

We enable carriers and forwarders to better connect with each other and build trusted relationships that grow your business. All in one place on the TrustedTrucks platform.


TrustedTrucks is a shareable, secure, digital qualification management platform for carriers and forwarders.

It enables you to build trusted and mutually beneficial relationships, saving both parties time and money while enhancing revenue and profitability.

Digitalise and automate your administrative processes today!

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Our latest features

Our qualification solution provides logistics professionals with a simple and quick way to verify identity, prove qualification, access contact information and ensure compliant operations.

Our routing solutions helps carriers to reduce the amount of empty return trips they take by providing a platform to advertise their routes to forwarders who need haulage on specific routes.

Our invoicing solution combined with our contactless proof of delivery solution makes faster settlement possible. Submit verifiable proof of delivery with the click of a button and issue credit notes instantly.

Become a TrustedTrucks carrier

Manual administrative overhead is a thing of the past.

Tedious and time-consuming qualification management has been completely digitized with intelligently automated qualification management.

Establish trusted relationships with forwarders and connect with just one click on the TrustedTrucks network.

Create your company profile and share it with the TrustedTrucks community, your qualification documents are stored safely and can be securely shared directly with your future business partners.

· Find and collaborate with forwarders instantly
· Streamline your qualification process
· Make your business sustainable
· Secure your digital future

Become a TrustedTrucks forwarder

Managing multiple carriers has never been easier thanks to the digitalisation of logistics operations in the TrustedTrucks network.  

Automate and outsource the qualification process and reduce your administrative workload with the power of crowd sourced verification.

Strengthen the reputation of your brand, your partners can trust that you only collaborate with compliant service providers.

Create your forwarder profile for free, find and work with trusted carriers today!

· Manage carrier qualifications in one place
· Maintain compliance effortlessly
· Increase your operational efficiency
· Digitise your paperwork

How it works


Carriers and forwarders in the TrustedTrucks network have their own profiles. Their profiles include information about their respective capabilities and uploads of their qualifications and licenses.


Carriers’ profiles are reviewed by a forwarder once they attempt to start a new working relationship. The forwarder then validates that the carrier has the correct documentation and they meet certain compliance standards.


Once a forwarder has qualified the carrier’s profile, the carrier’s profile is then marked as qualified, and they can do business with anyone in the TrustedTrucks network. When a forwarder verifies that a single carrier has all the correct documents, it means that other forwarders can be confident. As more and more forwarders verify, the confidence in that carrier goes up.

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