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Manage carrier qualifications, book freight, collaborate with your team and share freight details in one easy to use and convenient cloud based platform.

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What is TrustedTrucks solving?

Do you need to digitalise your logistics business without spending a fortune on developing your own technology?

Losing profit, Unable to compete

Do you have trouble reaching new markets relative to competition and optimising revenue in your current market?

High cost, Limited value

Is it too expensive to build your own tech? Are the current solutions costing you more than the value they generate?

Dependent on centralised platforms

Do you have data ownership concerns?
Is your own business data being used by bigger platforms to put you out of business?


Manage all of your supplier relationships efficiently and in one place. Save your company time and money, serve your clients better.


Give your dispatchers tools that boost productivity. Increase profits in existing markets and unlock revenue potential in new markets.


Hear from our customers


Zufall Logistics Group

“For our supplier management, which is audited annually within the framework of ISO 9001 and 14001, the use of “TrustedTrucks” opens up completely new possibilities with regard to the future selection, control and management of transport companies for Zufall.

Gunnar Heunisch, Central Manager, Quality and Environmental Management


Quentine Transport

“It is easy to handle, it is very clear. All the steps are very self-explanatory.”

Rüdiger Schroers, Carrier Dispatcher


Quentin Transporte

“It is easy to handle, it is very clear. All the steps are very self-explanatory.”

Rüdiger Schroers, Carrier Dispatcher

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Why do you need a sustainable and fair digital platform

TrustedTrucks builds software using the latest technologies and is tried and tested extensively before being offered to our customers at fair prices.

Acquiring new business on TrustedTrucks is equal for everyone. There are no paywalls between you and a business opportunity.

TrustedTrucks does not seek any financial gain from transactions on the platform. The revenue you earn while using TrustedTrucks belongs to you.

Putting you in control of your future

Futureproof your business relationships