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Ecommerce, B2B and retail companies have to put a lot of effort into minimizing the costs of their logistics operations, but what goes into successful logistics operations? How many key service points are there and just how much do they cost?

As of the 1st of July 2021 non-Ukrainian companies or organizations that conduct transport in Ukrainian territory must register with Ukrainian customs authorities, be it importing, exporting or simply transiting through the Ukraine.

Give your carrier profile a boost and add specific capabilities to your profile. You can now add special skills and services to your specific locations on your TrustedTrucks profile.

Logistics plays an important role in the world when it comes to creating value and fulfilling demand. But how do logistics companies create value and meet their customers' requirements?

In a German context a minimum wage declaration is a document that enables a company to formally declare that they are abiding by the wage regulations for Germany, according to MiLoG.

If you intend to transport goods for commercial purposes in Europe, you’ll need to apply for a community license before you can get started.

Poor qualification is a common compliance risk in the logistics industry! In recent years, the supply chains of companies have become larger and, above all, more complex.

Qualification management in logistics describes the legal procedures and paperwork between Carriers and Forwarders.

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