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TrustedTrucks enables carrier drivers to submit a Proof of Delivery to TrustedTrucks instantly and get it approved by the forwarder dispatcher in no time.

On TrustedTrucks you can count on receiving the most cost-effective quotation as a forwarder, plus with our AI pricing engine, you can check every quote you receive to find out if it is being priced reasonably.

In the TrustedTrucks network, every business get’s access to qualified and verified carriers and can manage an order’s lifecycle from end to end with an expedited payment process. All of this is made possible by solving the trust problem with verified data.

As a carrier, you can use TrustedTrucks as the one place where you can receive quotation requests and send digital quotations to any forwarder in the marketplace.

The Carrier Qualification Platform solution on TrustedTrucks helps you improve your administrative processes, and save time, and money while enabling you to grow your business across Europe.

TrustedTrucks enables the carrier driver to submit a Proof of Delivery to the Platform instantly and get it approved by the forwarder dispatcher in no time.

A Day in the Life of the Master Data Management team at Zufall

The German economy is experiencing an unprecedented era of growth, and the German supply chain is responding with innovative solutions.

It takes more than just finding a carrier to be a freight forwarder; you need to find the right carrier for your shipping client.

Winter is coming. You better get your truck prepared. Here are the best truck maintenance tips to keep your truck running and prevent it from breaking down.

The shortage of truck drivers has made it difficult to find qualified and reliable drivers. Here are 5 tips to help you hire drivers.

A Day in the Life of a “Business Development Manager” at Logimate

A Day in the Life of a Logistics Project Consultant Team Member

The quote request solution is the best way to get the right quote for your needs. This article is a step-by-step guide to using this service.

No more storage place? Think about it, emerging consumer behaviors are straining the logistics of warehouses.

Last-minute loads are the bane of truck drivers everywhere. But if you know what to do, you can make the most of them. Here's how.

Logistics services are an important tool for a company's success and stability. Learn how to make the most of them in regards to your business.

Minimum wages are prevalent in many euro area countries, and changes in minimum wages can have important effects on aggregate wage growth.

Logistics businesses have to prove the profitability of their services. This article will help you understand the key factors for creating an efficient logistics business.

Rain in Europe brings relief to the low water levels in Germany, but the water levels in the River Rhine are still dangerously low.

Traditional options for managing and documenting the process also remain stagnant. It’s easy to claim a delivery was completed, but where is the proof?

About 10.8 million adults over the age of 15 worked in the transport sector in the EU in 2020. Compared to the number in 2019, it has decreased by 6%. (From 11.6 million to 10.8 million ).

Companies are under pressure from regulations, investors, customers, and employees to reduce their carbon footprint and make the switch to a circular economy as more people become aware of the unsustainable nature of the linear economy.

Managed marketplaces are digital platforms that facilitate live, interactive connections between shippers and carriers while offering the operational backbone of a more conventional brokerage.

FreightTech is the logistics technology that is revolutionizing the way in which freight air, ocean, and road transport transactions occur.

Why is it that during these periods, where demand is high but supply is choked, the smaller players who run logistics businesses don’t see more profits?

During the Covid-19 crisis, many people across the globe realized how vital it is to add as much intelligence as possible to our supply chain and logistics networks. Logistics providers were overbooked and overworked, and supply chains were stretched to their limits. Somehow, fortunately, the system held together.

Can you still remember how life in logistics was before everything came crashing down with COVID-19? Well, before 2020, companies were already interested in digitising their supply chains. Therefore, it was no surprise that the pandemic and social isolation drove the end-to-end digitalisation of supply chain processes.

Truck traffic to increase in Germany. Water levels in the Rhine river in Germany have fallen again after last week's heatwave. Cargo vessels are sailing with reduced loads because the shallow water is hampering shipping on the entire river in the south of Germany.

Both freight spot and contract rates offer shippers a different value proposition, with contract providing the year-long security of price and capacity, while spot is there to assist shippers when their contract carriers are not enough or there is a special need to move freight on a lane a contract price has yet to be negotiated.

Both freight spot and contract rates offer shippers a different value proposition, with contract providing the year-long security of price and capacity, while spot is there to assist shippers when their contract carriers are not enough or there is a special need to move freight on a lane a contract price has yet to be negotiated.

There is a strong correlation between financial performance and the leadership's perception of the importance of transportation management to the organization. It changes how top performers think, act, and invest in transportation management.

Workers at the Port of Hamburg, Europe’s third-largest container port and the largest railway port have followed through on their threat of a strike.

NFTs give the ability to assign or claim ownership of any unique piece of digital data, trackable by using Ethereum's blockchain as a public ledger. An NFT is made from digital objects as a representation of digital or non-digital assets

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum as we have mentioned in the previous blogs do not require an intermediary institution to send payments, which opens up their use to anyone around the world. But the main setback is that cryptocurrency prices are unpredictable and have a tendency to fluctuate wildly, you never know what could happen, making it very hard for everyday people to trust crypto and use it on a daily basis.

Supply chains have always been subject to disruption, as anyone who has worked in the industry can attest to. Natural disasters, terrorism, economic cycles, and capacity shortages have created challenges since the beginning of trade.

In the last blog, we talked, about how crypto is shaking up our concept of money, and how today its been accepted as payment Companies like Tesla and Microsoft now accept Bitcoin as a standard means of payment for their products and services. So if you can buy things with crypto, does that mean you can get paid in it?

Cryptocurrencies have been around for quite some time now and some of these terms like crypto and bitcoin are not always so easy to understand, one would usually have to do some research to grasp what they are and why they exist.

Is it 2019 all over again? Is as if we could not get enough of COVID, and as of end-March, China's policy of no-COVID had led to additional lockdowns.

If you have been following any of the technology news lately, then there is no surprise you have heard about Web3, but do you actually know what it means? What is the difference between Web1 and Web2?

Today's trend seems to prepare us for an entirely new universe. What will the logistics industry look like in such a world? Where does today's logistics stand? Let's talk about it.

Supply chain security needs to keep pace with the ever-increasing importance of data in today's business environment.

Supply chain security needs to keep pace with the ever-increasing importance of data in today's business environment.

The logistics industry is undergoing a digital revolution that is helping to make companies more efficient. This article explains what it means for the industry, the challenges involved, and how to get the best out of it.

Transporting hazardous goods safely and securely with the help of this guide from TrustedTrucks. Transport hazardous goods safely and legally.

The transport and logistics industry is undergoing enormous change, and this report outlines the top challenges and opportunities that will shape the future of transport and logistics over the next years.

Supply Chain Resilience will help you prepare for a better future. We give you the knowledge, tools, and insights to make you better prepared to handle disruptions and their consequences.

Learn how to manage your company's logistics effectively. This article discusses the logistics chain from receipt of goods to final delivery.

Ukrainian truckers are risking their lives in a dangerous journey to help the displaced people of war-torn eastern Ukraine.

The shipping industry is one of the most direct targets of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. This article outlines how the industry is affected and how shippers can help.

You've worked hard to get your supply chain in order. Now you want to make sure your supply chain is up to date with the latest technology and best practice.

TrustedTrucks is a web-based platform for carriers and forwarders conducting road freight in Europe. We provide our customers with an end-to-end solution for managing freight at a low cost, making digitalization affordable for entrepreneurs of all sizes.

Fast, efficient, and effective supply chain management is critical to your company's success. In this post, we discuss the changes that have taken place in the last decade and how you can begin to prepare for them now.

The pricing engine’s aim is to ensure that transports have a fair benchmark price range. It works by analyzing transport parameters such as distance, loading meters, weight.

When a forwarder has freight that is ready to be transported. He or she will need to find a carrier with trailer space to transport the freight. This is where Quotation Requests come in.

The logistics industry is getting more competitive and big players are using their digitalisation abilities to increase their margins at the expense of the smaller players.

This blog explains in detail the main transport licenses in Europe, the requirements for their validation, and the differences between them.

It is mandatory for Transport companies operating in the EU to have certain insurance certificates. In this article we will investigate which insurance certificates are mandatory and which are optional or recommended.

The ongoing pandemic and it’s lockdowns have had a considerable impact on the logistics industry. Customers around the world tend to order more goods online. E-commerce businesses and marketplaces have enjoyed an increase in orders and subsequently the demand for shipping services have increased sharply too.

Digitalisation has pushed the transformation of every industry. More companies are seeing and experiencing the benefits of integrating digital technology, even if it’s been forced on by a pandemic.

Qualification management in logistics describes the legal procedures and paperwork between carriers and forwarders. Forwarders must comply with EU regulations in logistics.

Ecommerce, B2B and retail companies have to put a lot of effort into minimizing the costs of their logistics operations, but what goes into successful logistics operations? How many key service points are there and just how much do they cost?

As of the 1st of July 2021 non-Ukrainian companies or organizations that conduct transport in Ukrainian territory must register with Ukrainian customs authorities, be it importing, exporting or simply transiting through the Ukraine.

How to attract new business? Give your carrier profile a boost and add specific capabilities to your profile. You can now add special skills and services to your specific locations on your TrustedTrucks profile.

Logistics plays an important role in the world when it comes to creating value and fulfilling demand. But how do logistics companies create value and meet their customers' requirements?

In a German context a minimum wage declaration is a document that enables a company to formally declare that they are abiding by the wage regulations for Germany, according to MiLoG.

If you intend to transport goods for commercial purposes in Europe, you’ll need to apply for a community license before you can get started.

Poor qualification is a common compliance risk in the logistics industry! In recent years, the supply chains of companies have become larger and, above all, more complex.

Qualification management in logistics describes the legal procedures and paperwork between Carriers and Forwarders.

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