5 tips for hiring drivers amidst the shortage

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Long lines at petrol stations, empty supermarket shelves, factories temporarily shuttered – the lorry driver shortage in the UK made headlines last year. However, there is a need for between 45,000 and 60,000 professional drivers in Germany. In current challenging times, this blog post explores how businesses may locate and keep talented personnel.

More goods are being purchased than ever, and internet shopping is flourishing, yet none of those purchases will be transported by themselves. More than ever, we need professional drivers. However, compared to the steadily rising amount of items, fewer drivers are currently available in Germany. According to the IRU, there will be 185,000 fewer lorry drivers than needed in 2027.

There are lots of reasons for the decline in the number of lorry drivers. Some factors include

  • A lack of respect for the job
  • Inadequate compensation
  • Short delivery deadlines and too much overtime
  • The need for 300,000 additional lorry parking spaces
  • Roads in poor condition
  • Inadequate digitalization

All of these and more are making the job less and less attractive to both old hands and new blood.

How to attract new drivers

Because of the intense competition, businesses have never had as many difficulties finding and keeping dependable drivers. However, the next 5 suggestions may help your business find qualified and trustworthy drivers.

  1. Treat drivers with both appreciation and respect

The disrespect that companies have for drivers is one of the main causes of the shortage of drivers. Companies must respect their employees and attend to their requirements in order to recruit and keep drivers. An employer can demonstrate that regard in the following ways:

  • Appropriate working hours
  • Fair wages that are paid on time
  • Making safety a priority during work and rest periods
  • Focusing on driver health
  • Communicating as equals and partners
  • Committing to achieving sustainable transport processes
  1. Fix the image problem

Drivers want more than just appreciation from their employers: they also want society to appreciate what they do. The job currently has a negative reputation because of the deeply ingrained image of the reckless truck driver that permeates trucking culture.

Even though the vast majority of professional truck drivers are trustworthy and perform good work. Public awareness of the crucial part that drivers play in society must be emphasized.

  1. Fair compensation and a good work-life balance

When it comes to attracting new drivers, working conditions and pay are crucial factors. Weekend work, overtime, and sleeping in service areas or on the truck are all common occurrences for many drivers and significant contributing factors to the exodus of workers from the industry.

Fair compensation and timely payment of drivers are two ways to address these issues. A surefire strategy to draw dependable workers is to offer competitive pay and reasonable hours.

  1. Improve digitalization

Inadequate street and service infrastructure is a common topic of conversation, but what about inadequate digital infrastructure? Additionally, it makes driver scarcity worse. For instance, a driver with access to the right digital tools can use their navigation system to steer clear of gridlock and other delays. A tachograph can accurately record working hours, simplifying and improving wage computations. It also makes sense to save this essential information digitally. In a lot of transportation businesses, crucial data is still kept on paper or in Excel lists. However, it takes a lot of time and is inconvenient to fill out this information.

  1. Provide support for young drivers

Young people find the job particularly unattractive. And yet the industry is in desperate need of new drivers. To attract new talent, it is important to make training easier, improve the profession’s image and increase digitalization across the entire logistics industry. That’s simply the only way to ensure that young professionals are excited about the job and believe it has a future. 

The industry also needs to support anyone who wants to make a lateral move to become a professional driver. For example, qualified personnel without an EU driver’s license should be able to become professional drivers.

It is believed that the driver shortage can be solved, maybe not immediately but if society and businesses consider the requirements of truck drivers and improve working conditions. The reputation of the job can be improved, which will lead to an increase in the number of people who wish to become professional drivers. This is made possible by technological, economic, and social possibilities. After this change is finished, the position will finally be recognized for what it is: a role with genuine room for advancement. A stable job that has interesting and demanding responsibilities.

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