A Day in the Life of a Logistics Project Consultant

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What is a Logistics Project Consultant?

There are multiple groups that I work with, mainly the role revolves around product/project ownership. The role boils down to project manager with internal and external stakeholders. Some examples could be building a new logistics warehouse or an extension to an existing one.

Another example is a process analysis tool used for logistics warehouse processes for testing and applying the tool in our operations – My latest project includes the implementation and testing of a new B2B logistics marketplace and order management software called TrustedTrucks. 

What do people think a Logistics Project Consultant is?

Nobody’s got an idea, my friends always think I’m driving trucks or garbel (Forklift). Whenever I try to explain what I’m doing they say “oh yea you drive trucks”

What it actually means to be a Logistics Project Consultant?

Project management is not always about hunting down deadlines, it’s more about the Nokia approach of connecting people. In most projects, it’s beneficial to use larger networks where you can gain input in the form of knowledge and insights from experienced individuals, in most cases the actual project team cannot answer all of the questions so you have to look outside. 

What are some common terms in a Logistics Project Consultants work?

Some of the most frequently used words are all things SCRUM related, it’s one of the most hyped projects management styles. The terms vary on the project type, when building an annex to an existing warehouse its more about technical building infrastructure or the fulfillment of requirements from the insurance company or some requests from the building authority (Brandmeldeanlage, foundation, transformer, roof construction, …)   it will be pretty different when talking about a software product where terminology like blah blah is used more. 

What does a day in the life of a Logistics Project Consultant look like?

Starting at 9.00 am
Reading emails, setting up my to-do-list for the day
Usually 2-4h a day are being spent in meetings 
Rest is for working off the to-do-list and answering mails

Educational Path

Why did you choose to work as a Logistics project consultant?

Very diversified topics, not always the same business. 
Topics are changing every few months after a project ends
Many different people and work environments
New input and challenges are coming up frequently
Problem-solving approach

What are some Challenges:

Tough and recurring challenges are managing competing goals, it’s difficult to keep all stakeholders as happy as possible, especially when achieving one goal can take away from another. Managing stakeholder interests is tough, the more there are the more complicated this becomes. 

What are some Hard Skills

Project management skills 
Process understanding / process-based thinking
Presentation skills

What are some Soft Skill

Communication skills
Negotiation skills

Some advice I would give to people who are keen to learn and join the logistics industry? 

It is impressive to see and realize where logistics is happening in the everyday life. Logistics is everywhere and that’s why it is so diversified. If you are up for something new, take a step in the business.

Who inspires you?

The answer to this question is subject to change constantly, if id writes something down I would be annoyed about my choice by next week already.
I try to talk to or find new inspiring people all the time.

Jannis Lutterberg


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