Carrier Qualification Platform for Forwarders

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How TrustedTrucks solves the Trust problem

TrustedTrucks helps to ensure that all of the supplier/partner data that you need to work with is authentic, clean, up-to-date, and ready for use by every stakeholder that needs it for their logistics business processes.

In the TrustedTrucks network, every business get’s access to qualified and verified carriers and can manage an order’s lifecycle from end to end with an expedited payment process. All of this is made possible by solving the trust problem with verified data.

When you’re transporting or forwarding goods you will often work with multiple stakeholders, sometimes these stakeholders are situated in multiple countries, with multiple regulatory requirements and lots of unknowns which lead to increased business risk. It’s imperative that you can trust the people and businesses you are working with within a multinational environment like this.

The Carrier Qualification Platform solution on TrustedTrucks helps you to improve your administrative processes, save time, and money, while enabling you to grow your business across Europe and in a few months, around the globe.

Key Features

Automated alerts. TrustedTrucks alerts you when a carrier is no longer qualified to do business with you. The carrier also receives alerts 30, 15, 7, and 1 day(s) prior to them being disqualified, which notifies them to upload up-to-date documents to remain qualified. Carriers can upload documents with a single click. This feature ensures that accurate and up-to-date information is maintained on the platform at all times.

TrustedTrucks is a digital network that is enabling carriers and forwarders to create new business connections and expand their own businesses using their digital profiles on TrustedTrucks.

Compliance checks don’t need to be done on every order, instead, they’re done on the supplier, then the supplier’s status is monitored at all times, and the supplier is only available for orders while their status is marked as qualified.

Data ownership and control. On TrustedTrucks individual companies own and control all of the data they create while doing business, they can share it easily and revoke access at any time.
Carriers and forwarders who have signed up for the network can search for companies to connect with.

Benefits of using the compliance workflow on TrustedTrucks for Forwarders

No manual effort for compliance status checks

TrustedTrucks has built-in policy and procedure maintenance, in particular, the CQP feature monitors the compliance status of suppliers and alerts parties when documents need to be updated.

You only work with compliant partners

At the end of the day, if something goes wrong with an order, your insurance will not cover you if you have worked with non-compliant partners and you will have to pay all damages. With TrustedTrucks you will always have peace of mind that you are protected and working compliantly

Process more orders faster

TrustedTrucks will help your dispatcher process orders faster as they don’t need to carry out individual compliance checks on each order. They’ll be able to work smarter and process more orders, more efficiently.

How compliance is made simple on TrustedTrucks for Forwarders

For Forwarders TrustedTrucks is a marketplace where they can find trucks. Instead of emailing or calling all of the carriers they know one by one, forwarders use TrustedTrucks to find carriers to work with. These carriers have all of their licensing and insurance documentation attached to their profiles and ready to be reviewed by the forwarder via the streamlined compliance workflow on TrustedTrucks.

How it works

The forwarder will review the carrier’s qualification documents. If everything is in order, the forwarder can accept each document and approve the carrier qualifications.

If there is an error in any of the documents, the forwarder can leave a comment on the document and send a change request to the carrier. The change request can then be fulfilled by the carrier by updating their documents and sending them back to the forwarder for review.

Once the Carrier has been qualified, their status will change to qualified and the next time this carrier and forwarder work together, the qualification process will not need to be done again.

For Example, A forwarder named Irene has just signed up with TrustedTrucks and created her own company profile on TrustedTrucks. Now Irene would like to find Carriers that she can work with, so she clicks on “Find Provider” from her home dashboard, once she’s found a carrier she’d like to work with the clicks on “Request qualification documents”.

As explained above, this action is a connection request. The carrier will receive the request and send their qualification documents via TrustedTrucks for Irene to review.

This is how Carriers and Forwarders connect with each other in the TrustedTrucks marketplace.

 Streamline your compliance workflow – Register your company on TrustedTrucks

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