Carriers: How to find and keep them

Discover how you can find reliable and verified carriers who are ready to haul your client’s freight.

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Find a suitable carrier for you.

It takes more than just finding a carrier to be a freight forwarder; you need to find the right carrier for your shipping client.

To deliver various types of freight, carriers must be dependable and qualified. You want to ensure that the carrier will pick up and have the load delivered on time. Without jeopardizing the freight itself and costing you and your client money.

To find carriers most freight forwarders look for load boards. Carriers are looking for these boards too, as it’s how they can find loads. The great thing about load boards is that you can post freight with specific details like location, date, and load details. Once a carrier is interested they will reach out to you.

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Maintain a relationship with your Freight Carriers

Maintain contact with freight carriers who are dependable and meet your requirements. Make it a priority to stay in contact with freight carriers that you’ve had positive working experiences with.

Even if you’re communicating strictly professionally via email or phone, you can still be friendly and check in with the carrier to see how things are going and if there are any new updates at their business.

An inquiry could provide you with new information, such as the carrier adding new equipment to their fleet, which may allow them to transport different types of freight that you may have. Although load boards are a convenient and dependable tool, you must maintain contact with carriers if you want to be successful.

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