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Let’s be honest, finding loads for your trucks the traditional way–by calling several different forwarders–is exhausting. It may take several hours, and there’s always a chance you won’t have an appropriate load. Truck drivers get annoyed when they have to make a dozen frantic calls to find a last-minute load to fill a truck, and carrier operators get frustrated when they have to leave truck drivers waiting for their next load for hours on end.

Fortunately, the way that loads are found has altered as a result of technological advancements in the shipping logistics sector. Finding loads for your fleet is simple with the correct tools. Continue reading to discover how TrustedTrucks can help you.

Calling several different forwarders at once takes a long time and disadvantages carriers.

Forwarders essentially serve as intermediaries between shippers and carriers. On the spot market, forwarders place bids on shipments that appear profitable. When carriers are looking for loads, they contact them and accept the loads that work with their transportation timetable. Every load that a forwarder successfully awards to a carrier is rewarded with a brokerage fee.

There are a couple of issues with this transaction from the carrier’s perspective. First, just a fraction of the loads chosen by their forwarder are visible to carriers; they are not aware of all the loads available on the market.

The needs of the forwarder and the carrier are distinct, too. Forwarders are more interested in loads that have high-profit margins than carriers, who frequently look for the next available load that begins from a location close to their vehicle. In practice, a carrier may not be able to find loads through a forwarder that is best suited for their transit timetable. This may result in the carrier driving more miles between loads or waiting longer between loads. Both of these hurt the bottom line because an empty truck costs more to drive than it makes up for in lost income.

How TrustedTrucks works

TrustedTrucks is a web-based platform for carriers and forwarders conducting road freight in Europe. We provide our customers with an end-to-end solution for managing freight at a low cost, making digitalization affordable for entrepreneurs of all sizes. Carriers and forwarders can manage the entire order management cycle from finding a verified partner through to invoicing and payment.

On TrustedTrucks dispatchers from both carrier and forwarder companies manage quotations differently. The process is straightforward and less error-prone. 

It all begins with a forwarder looking for a carrier with space. The forwarder will log in to TrustedTrucks, open the Quotation Request section, and input the freight details, pick-up, and drop-off locations, and times. Followed by the requirements that need to be met for the particular freight to be transported correctly, e.g. refrigeration.

After adding this information to the quotation request form the forwarder can then search through a database of carriers on the TrustedTrucks network and use filters to find carriers who meet certain requirements, being based in Berlin, having refrigeration capabilities, and of course being qualified (meaning being pre-screened for licenses and insurance). 

Once the forwarder has found the right carriers, the carriers can be marked, then the forwarder can send the quotation request to all of them with just one click. 

If the forwarder couldn’t find a suitable carrier on TrustedTrucks but has one in mind, he can simply add the carrier’s email address to the invitation screen and send them the quotation request. 

After sending the quotation requests, the forwarder can monitor this request from one screen and compare the quotes as they come in. It’s less time-consuming to prepare and send quotations and it’s easier to pick the best quote every time.

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