getting to know the trustedtrucks saas

Getting to know the TrustedTrucks Saas

What is TrustedTrucks? 

TrustedTrucks is a web-based platform for carriers and forwarders conducting road freight in Europe. We provide our customers with an end-to-end solution for managing freight at a low cost, making digitalization affordable for entrepreneurs of all sizes. Carriers and forwarders can manage the entire order management cycle from finding verified partners all the way through to invoicing and payment.

How does it work? 

On TrustedTrucks the order management process starts with:

1. Finding the right business partners. 

Carriers and forwarders who have signed up for the network can search for companies to connect with. 

We’ll take a look at 2 scenarios. 

Scenario #1 

A carrier named Tom has just signed up with TrustedTrucks and created his own company profile and attached his EU license and insurance documents. Now Tom would like to find a forwarder that he can work with, so he clicks on “find forwarders” from this home dashboard, Once he’s found a forwarder he’d like to work with the clicks “Send Qualification Request”

This action sends a connection request to the forwarder who will then review Tom’s documents to determine if Tom is a carrier he/she would like to work with. 

Scenario #2 

A forwarder named Irene has just signed up with TrustedTrucks and created her own company profile on TrustedTrucks. Now Irene would like to find Carriers that she can work with, so she clicks on “Find Provider” from her home dashboard, once she’s found a carrier she’d like to work with the clicks “Request qualification documents”. 

Like the previous scenario, this action is a connection request. The carrier will receive the request and send their qualification documents via TrustedTrucks for Irene to review. 

This is how Carriers and Forwarders connect with each other on TrustedTrucks

2. Agreeing on an order

Once carriers and forwarders have established multiple connections with various other carriers and forwarders on the platform. They begin to work with each other.

This is where Quotation Requests or RFQ come in. When a forwarder has freight that is ready to be transported, he or she would click on “Quotation Requests” from the home dashboard. 

From here the forwarder would upload all of the necessary information about the freight like what it is, where it’s going, and what is required to transport it correctly. 

The forwarder would send this Quotation Request to carriers on TrustedTrucks, note, the forwarder can also send the Quotation Request to carriers who are not on TrustedTrucks, more on that can be found here (hyperlink to another blog). 

The carriers will be notified that they’ve received a Quotation Request. The carriers will then review the Quotation Request and if they have the capacity to transport the freight, they will send a Quote to the forwarder. 

Once the forwarder has received a few quotes, they’d select the quote they prefer, this carrier would then be notified that they have won the order. The carrier would now confirm acceptance of the order. At this stage, a legally binding agreement has been reached by both parties and the order can commence.

Note, once the carrier has confirmed the order, every other carrier that had submitted a quote will receive a notification letting them know that the order is no longer available. This way they are able to plan their resources more effectively, as opposed to being left in the dark about whether or not they still have the opportunity to win the order. 

The forwarder can now upload, a tour PDF that contains all of the order-specific information that the carrier would need, alternatively, the TrustedTrucks application will generate a tour PDF automatically too.  

3. Proving delivery 

Using Tom from Scenario #1. After Tom has won the order he will head to the pickup location to pick up the freight that needs to be transported. The once he gets to the drop off the location he’ll need to prove that the delivery has happened. 

Here’s how it works on TrustedTrucks. Tom hands over the freight at the drop of location. He’ll take a photo of the goods to make sure the condition they’ve been delivered in has been captured, next he’ll take a photo of the signed shipment manifest.

Now that Tom has these two photos, he’ll upload them to the TrustedTrucks application from his phone.

The proof of delivery is then sent to the carrier dispatcher and the forwarder to review. This helps to keep everyone on the same page.

After the forwarder has reviewed the PoD he can approve the order for payment via TrustedTrucks, which takes us to the next stage. 

4. Invoicing 

On TrustedTrucks invoicing works in two ways.

#1 Automated invoicing.

Once a PoD has been approved by a forwarder, an invoice is automatically generated on TrustedTrucks which is sent to the carrier for approval. Once the carrier approves the invoice, it is sent to the forwarder to approve and pay. 

#2 Self-billing invoicing 

The works similarly to the standard automated invoicing described above, but in this case, the invoice is reviewed by the forwarder, who then sends it to the carrier for approval. 

5. Payment 

On TrustedTrucks payment can only happen when 2 preconditions have been met: 

  1. Approved PoD
  2. Approved Invoice

Once these two pre-conditions have been met, payment using blockchain is done or a payment release notification is sent to the finance department at the forwarder who then executes a payment the usual way. 

What sets us apart from other solutions? 

TrustedTrucks is built on top of the blockchain. The blockchain is a database technology that helps its users to record data in a tamper-proof way. This means that once data has been recorded on the blockchain it cannot be edited or deleted. 

We use this technology in TrustedTrucks because it creates Trust between businesses that may have never engaged with each other before, the same goes for businesses that already know each other, and the trust in their relationships is strengthened. 

Five Reasons why you must utilize the TrustedTrucks platform.

1. Easy setup for first-time carriers and forwarders 

As soon as you signup with TrustedTrucks you must enter all the information necessary, (EU license, minimum wage declaration, insurance paperwork) once that is done you can start enjoying the TrustedTrucks platform.

2. Ensuring services are delivered with adherence to legal and safety standards

TrustedTrucks helps you to enforce a high degree of compliance with legal and safety standards (Digital compliance workflow, documentation screening, and checks against government databases).

3. Working with records that can be trusted 

The CQP feature ensures that accurate data is entered into the system before any work can begin, this lays the foundation for a business relationship to be built with trust.

4. Get Paid Faster

In the coming months, we will integrate a super-fast payment solution into our solution to close the loop in the order lifecycle. Rapid payment with Blockchain is executed with a smart contract once the necessary conditions, PoD, and invoice approval, have been recorded on the blockchain. The traditional payment methods will still be available but they should be approved faster thanks to the streamlined approach for order management on our platform.

5. Develop and oversee control systems to prevent or deal with violations of legal guidelines and internal policies

TrustedTrucks is a control system that will ensure compliant operations in terms of suppliers, in particular, the insurance checks will protect parties involved in transactions. Violations can also be dealt with thanks to the conflict resolution built into the audit trail plus you can pinpoint the root cause of a problem fast with the Audit trail.

Don’t leave what you could start today for tomorrow.

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3. Build stable and trusted relationships

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