How to attract new business

How to attract new business with your carrier profile

Give your TrustedTrucks carrier profile a boost and add specific capabilities to your profile 

You have a Carrier Profile on TrustedTrucks and you’re ready to take advantage of the platform. The next question you need to answer is, “How to attract new business with TrustedTrucks?” 

You can now add special skills and services to your specific locations on your TrustedTrucks profile.

Do you offer storage, refrigeration or can you do a pallet swap at any time?

Add it to your profile and let your network know.

How to update your profile? 

Head over to your company profile: click on Locations and then Add Location Capabilities at the bottom of the page.

From here you can update your location capabilities to include:

1. Service capabilities
2. Equipment capabilities
3. Certificate capabilities
4. Fleet capabilities

Let your business partners know what you provide and get suitable orders faster! 

For Forwarders

Manage all of your supplier relationships efficiently and in one place. Save your company time and money, serve your clients better.

For Carriers

Give your dispatchers tools that boost productivity. Increase profits in existing markets and unlock revenue potential in new markets.

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