How to improve your logistics operations with digitalisation

Logistics businesses consist of loads of repetitive processes, most of which have been traditionally manual and tedious tasks. That has changed in recent years as innovations made their way into the logistics industry, the rise of digital freight exchanges, self-driving trucks and warehouse automation technology to name a few, have changed the industry. These technologies are being adopted thanks to the efficiencies and competitive advantages they can bring to logistic operations.

How is digitalisation creating efficiencies?

Digitalisation has pushed the transformation of every industry. More companies are seeing and experiencing the benefits of integrating digital technology, even if it’s been forced on by a pandemic.

Logistics companies are embracing technologies like sensors, robotics, blockchain and IOT to become faster, leaner and of course more efficient. 

We increasingly turn to technological innovation when a problem needs to be addressed. Take the truck driver shortage as an example, what was once a seasonal event, has become an all year round problem which is disrupting supply chains globally.

As a result self-driving truck technologies and pilot projects have accelerated around the world.

How long do you think it will be until your next transport order is assigned to a self-driving truck?

Software is replacing analogue processes with leaner digital ones that people can use to manage their jobs better. Things like digital workflows, automated compliance checks and barcode scanners, give people the tools to be efficient in their daily work. In a few years from now the industry will look completely different thanks to more of these innovative technologies.

How can carriers and freight forwarders keep up with this pace or even get a head start?

Adopting technological innovations sooner will get you ahead of the pack. Digitalisation will position you to take advantage of the direction your industry is moving, while those who fail to adopt innovations will likely fall behind or have their market share swallowed by an industry gorilla.

The options for adopting technological innovations include:

1. Building in-house technology solutions.

A clear perk here is that the solution will be custom built according to the needs and vision of the organisation. The downside though, is that this requires a heavy investment in people to develop the solution, it can also take a lot of time, trial and error, and subsequently money.

2. Joining a technology platform empowers you.

Carriers and Forwarders need to think about how the platforms they join will impact their autonomy. It’s important to consider who owns the data that flows through the platform and how the platform will make money, is the platform consuming you? Or does it empower your company to perform better? 

Digitalisation that empowers

At TrustedTrucks we use technology to build software that our Carriers and Forwarders can use to upgrade their processes and prepare for the next waves of digital transformation.

Some of the technologies we use to empower your business process include:

Blockchain technology, for the safe storage and tamper-proof distribution of data between partners.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, for automating data validity checks and predicting patterns that can aid decision making.

Application programming interfaces, for integrating systems and enabling smoother information exchanges.

Carriers on TrustedTrucks

1. They’re prepared for the next wave of digitalisation.

They’re part of a network that is building the next generation of freight tech. They’re perfectly positioned to adopt new technology fast, without having to build their own technological infrastructure.

2. Improved documentation and data management

These Carriers store the licenses, permits and insurance documents on their unique TrustedTrucks profiles for simple storage, management and distribution with their forwarders. This saves time in the order winning processes and makes sure that high level of compliance is maintained throughout all of their business relationships.

3. Improved marketability

They use their profiles to win orders by adding their services and special capabilities to their profiles for forwarders in the network to see. This helps them to engage with new forwarders and win work outside of their initial network.

For Carriers

Give your dispatchers tools that boost productivity. Increase profits in existing markets and unlock revenue potential in new markets.

Forwarders on TrustedTrucks

Forwarders on TrustedTrucks are benefiting from digitalisation through:

1. Improved data management and distribution

Forwarders on TrustedTrucks manage their Carrier data with a secured decentralized database that has user role based access capabilities. Dispatchers, accounts payable and customer services representatives all have transparent and real time access to the order specific data they need at all times.

2. Complementing existing manual processes with digital ones

On TrustedTrucks Forwarders use a digital workflow to qualify Carriers and do background checks on licenses, permits and insurance documentations with the help of AI and machine learning, which automates checks against government databases. This improves scalability when needing to deal with increased demand.

3. Improved risk management

Forwarders on TrustedTrucks operate with certainty that their Carriers are compliant and are who they say they are. This reduces their risk, in turn saving them money on compliance related fines and penalties while also providing a concrete point for reduced insurance premiums.

For Forwarders

Manage all of your supplier relationships efficiently and in one place. Save your company time and money, serve your clients better.


The digitalisation is moving at a very fast pace, and that development is neither stopping or slowing down for those who can’t keep up. Make it a priority to enhance your digital presence, it may be the boost your business needs!

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