It’s time to digitalize proof of delivery

The changing face of the supply chain means more freight and shipments move and require more tracking capabilities. Traditional options for managing and documenting the process also remain stagnant. It’s easy to claim a delivery was completed, but where is the proof? 

The answer lies in a mountain of paperwork and the hope of problem-free delivery. That’s not reality. As a result, the modern, collaborative logistics supply chain network needs an infusion of information on digitizing the POD, or proof of delivery.

What Are the Challenges in Managing Proof of Delivery?

Think about the possible difficulties associated with freight management and proof of successful delivery. The only way for a shipper and carrier to verify a successful delivery is through proof of delivery. Unfortunately, the traditional method of tracking proof of successful delivery using paper-based systems and methods is inefficient. Obviously, digital capabilities have advanced by light years, and all parties now know when delivery occurs immediately. However, this is insufficient. The modern supply chain is still vulnerable to theft, loss, incorrect delivery, and other issues.

The following are the main advantages of digital document management:

  • Improved adherence to all paperwork and record-keeping requirements.
  • Reduce confusion about who has possession of freight management paperwork, which includes everything from the bill of lading to proof of successful delivery.
  • When a delivery exception occurs, connected systems notify suppliers and supply chain partners.
  • Traceability is improved for initiating and managing returns when they occur.
  • Improved teamwork during hand-offs and movements prior to final mile delivery.
  • Drivers will have less busy work, which means more drive time and efficient operation within HOS regulations.

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