Logistics is at the forefront of digitalization

Technology and digitalization are leaving their footprints wherever we go; at work, at home, and even when we’re driving our cars or using other modes of transport. It’s safe to say that the trend of digital transformation has found its way into nearly every aspect of our lives and that it’s definitely here to stay and to keep evolving.

The number of industries that this technological and digital evolution will affect isn’t limited, the transport industry will go through a major transformation that both enterprises and transportation users will benefit from.

The good news: The transport & logistics sector, which was once viewed as rather backward and outdated, is among the pioneers within the German economy in terms of digitalization.

With digitalization transforming all areas of logistics from transporting to warehouses, automatic route and quotes planning, blockchain technology for audit trails and automation, AI-based systems for authenticating documents and so on.

Not only does digitalization help businesses improve efficiency in their operations, but because of it there are fewer human errors, operational costs are reduced, and importantly data is being used, stored and distributed in a better and faster way.

On TrustedTrucks we use a combination of digitalisation tools to equip carriers and forwarders with everything they need to connect with each other and engage in business in one convenient place.

We take pride in providing TrustedTrucks users with the latest and most powerful tools. One of the most powerful digitalization tools at the moment is the blockchain.

On TrustedTrucks we use the blockchain as a database to record important information that is verified and can then be used to automate business processes like rapid payment with Blockchain or to review a transaction’s entire history to identify any areas of concern and see the full picture.

The blockchain helps TrustedTrucks users to exchange information in a secure way where sensitive data is protected and only accessible by those who have permission to view it. We’re helping businesses to strengthen trust in their existing and new relationships. 

Digitalisation can be an expensive undertaking with many challenging aspects to consider like security, low internet speeds and steep learning curves to name a few. 

With TrustedTrucks digitalisation for your carrier or forwarder business will be an affordable undertaking.

If you’re ready to incorporate cutting edge digitalisation at and affordable price into your business, contact us and request a demo today.

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Give your dispatchers tools that boost productivity. Increase profits in existing markets and unlock revenue potential in new markets.

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