What exactly are logistics services, and how can they help your company?

We have to start with the basics, what is a logistics company?

You see a logistics company makes sure your items can be moved and stored with the assistance of a logistical organization. They can handle every aspect of your order, including shipping, storing, and delivery.

Now the next step is to know that there are two types of logistics, inbound logistics, and outbound logistics. Inbound logistics can include the gathering, handling, and storing of goods. Outbound logistics can include collection, delivery to customers, and maintenance. 

Additionally, logistics consists of five main components, including:

  • Storage, warehousing, and handling
  • Packing
  • Inventory
  • Transport
  • Information

The following elements must be present for logistics and supply chain management to be successful, according to the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK:

  1. The right place
  2. The right time
  3. The right quantity
  4. The right quality
  5. The right price
  6. The right product
  7. The right customer

To optimize your business, you must get each of these elements correct. Customers might have to wait or are more likely to buy from your rival if you don’t have enough inventory. Or, if you don’t know who your target market is, you won’t select the appropriate product.

We have talked about what is logistics, the different types, their components, and elements, for this last part we just need to talk about the types of services in logistics.

Freight exchange

Here, you can connect with European carriers, brokers, or shippers. There is a business partner waiting for you whether you need freight shipped or need to transport your cargo. With over a thousand users, TrustedTrucks is ready for you. 


A logistics service can provide smart tracking to track all vehicles and shipments. With the TrustedTrucks Proof of Delivery feature, you have complete information about when your freight has been collected and delivered plus the states it was picked up and delivered in.


Warehousing services assist in putting you in touch with companies that can meet your demands whether you require items urgently to fill your warehouse or need to keep your goods somewhere.

Financial services

You’re tired of unpaid invoices impacting your cash flow? To take care of this for you, a logistics firm may offer a debt collection service. With TrustedTrucks you won’t miss a payment because of our rapid payment feature. Carriers and Forwarders have the option to set up a rapid payment using blockchain on orders, where pre-conditions like Proof of Delivery and Invoice approval can trigger rapid payment with Blockchain, much like an escrow service, except this is powered by smart contracts. 

What are some of the advantages of outsourcing logistics

  • You can streamline your logistics process and reduce paperwork, decrease inventory, lead time, and risks. 
  • You can provide better customer services with a more efficient system that gets your goods to your customers quickly with faster transit times.
  • Improve your communication, delivery returns, and cash flow. A logistics service can provide financial services to chase up unpaid invoices and provide support when you need it. 
  • You can take advantage of new revenue opportunities to improve your competitive position.

Now, you are probably wondering “How do I choose the best logistics service provider?” Look no further more, we have the perfect answer for you right here 

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