Proof of Delivery for Carriers

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How TrustedTrucks improves the proof of delivery process to solve the problem of delayed payments.

TrustedTrucks enables carrier drivers to submit a Proof of Delivery to TrustedTrucks instantly and get it approved by the forwarder dispatcher in no time. These proofs of delivery, once approved, are hashed to the blockchain on TrustedTrucks and serve as a verifiable precondition to payment. Using a smart contract, this verified record enables immediate payment, reducing traditional 2-4 week delays to less than 48 hours.

Without TrustedTrucks, a carrier delivers an order and then provides the proof of delivery papers to the forwarder via email or post. It may take weeks for the payment to be processed and made to the carrier. Small carrier businesses have little liquidity and lack access to capital, which makes this process much more important to their operations.

How does it work?

When the goods are delivered the driver takes a picture of the goods being handed over, takes a picture of the signed shipment manifest, and then uploads it to the TrustedTrucks platform.

Once it’s uploaded, into the TrustedTrucks platform everyone involved in the order, is notified.
And finally, the forwarder can review the Proof of Delivery.

Simultaneously, the carrier sends their invoice to the forwarder for approval too.

Once both the proof of delivery and the invoice has been marked as approved in TrustedTrucks, a payment is executed (Rapid Payment functionality is coming soon.).

Payment will be completely automated and executed with a smart contract once the necessary conditions, PoD, and invoice approval, have been recorded on the blockchain. The traditional payment methods will still be available but they should be approved faster thanks to the streamlined approach for order management on our platform.

Key feature areas

  • Immutable proof of delivery
  • Uploading proof of delivery digitally via mobile at the point of delivery
  • Instant processability

How Digital Proof of Delivery works for Carriers

For the carrier to get the payment on the same day proof of delivery should be submitted and approved in the same day.

How it works

The carrier confirms the order with the forwarder on TrustedTrucks.

The carrier can find the proof of delivery upload link by navigating to the “My orders” tab, from here the carrier can download a QR code to share with their driver, or they can scan it themselves to access the proof of delivery upload page to begin the proof of delivery upload.

Once the carrier has arrived at their drop-off destination they can take a photo of the goods and the shipment manifest before handing over the goods to another recipient.

The carrier will upload these photos as proof of delivery and they will be made instantly available for the forwarder to review. The carrier can view the uploaded proof of delivery under “My orders”. At this point, the forwarder will now review the proof of delivery.

How Carriers benefit from using Proof of delivery

  • Reduced paperwork
  • Get paid faster (Rapid Payment functionality is coming soon.) 
  • Reduced need for communication, emails, phone calls

Use digital proof of delivery to reduce the time it takes for you to get paid. Login to TrustedTrucks and find a new forwarder to work with today.


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