Quotation management for Carriers

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Your end-to-end digital freight management solution

As a carrier, you can use TrustedTrucks as the one place where you can receive quotation requests and send digital quotations to any forwarder in the marketplace. 

Managing quotations requests on TrustedTrucks helps you to stay on top of all of your active quotes, you can see all of their statuses in one dashboard and be notified immediately when their status change. 

Use your time smarter and start using TrustedTrucks to send quotes with in all-in-one software.

Key Features

  • Digitalized quotation requests
  • AI-powered pricing recommendations 
  • Automatic notifications to carriers who did not win the order 

Carriers benefit from receiving quotation requests 

  1. A bird’s eye view of all quotation requests
    The TrustedTrucks quotation request dashboard helps carriers keep track of all their quotation requests and their statuses in one place.
  2. Rapid order awards
    Digital quotations are streamlined on TrustedTrucks and because Carrier profiles and documentation have been verified orders are awarded much faster.
  3. Strategic pricing assistance
    The built-in AI-powered pricing engine can be used as a benchmark to price their quotes strategically.

How to use Digital Quotations for Carriers

  1. Once a forwarder has sent a Quotation Request, the carrier will receive a notification in TrustedTrucks or via email.


  2. If the notification comes via TrustedTrucks, the carrier will click on it and then be directed to the Quotation Request Details page. If the Carrier clicks on the link in the email notification, he/she will be directed to the Quotation Request Details page. From this page, the carrier will be able to see what the freight is and where it needs to be picked up from and delivered to as well as additional information provided by the forwarder.


  3. From the same page, the carrier can create a quote and send it to the forwarder. All the carrier has to do is enter a price, leave an optional message and click “send quote”. The forwarder will then receive a notification of the quote, in the TrustedTrucks app and via email.


  4. If the forwarder accepts the quote, the carrier will be notified and asked to confirm the order. Once the carrier has clicked “confirm” a legally binding contract has been created between the carrier and forwarder. Additionally, upon confirmation, a tour PDF will be created and available for the carrier to download. 

Note, once the carrier has confirmed the order, every other carrier that has provided a quote for this order too, will be notified that it is no longer available. This will help these carriers to manage their resources better.

Login and optimise how you send quotations today. 

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