Quotation Requests for Forwarders

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Your end-to-end digital freight management solution

How TrustedTrucks solves the slow contract closing problem 

On TrustedTrucks you can count on receiving the most cost-effective quotation as a forwarder,  plus with our AI pricing engine, you can check every quote you receive to find out if it is being priced reasonably. 

Dispatchers no longer have to waste time requesting quotes one by one and then receiving them one by one too.

Use your time smarter and start using TrustedTrucks to request and receive quotes in all-in-one software.

Key Features

  • Digitalized quotation requests
  • AI-powered pricing recommendations 
  • Automatic notifications to carriers who did not win the order 

Forwarders benefits from sending quotation requests 

  1. AI-Assisted decision making

    Forwarders can check quotes against an AI-powered pricing engine to make sure you are being quoted according to real-time market rates.


  2. Compare quotes in one place

    Quotes from multiple carriers can easily be compared in one place side by side.


  3. The faster quotation request process

    Forwarders can create quotation request templates for orders that are done frequently, saving time and making the quotation process faster. 

How to use Quotation requests for forwarders 

The process is straightforward and less error-prone than the manual effort. 

It whole process begins with a forwarder looking for a carrier with space. 

  1. Then the forwarder will log in to TrustedTrucks, open the Quotation Request window, create a new quotation request, and put the freight details, pick-up, and drop-off locations, and times. Followed by the requirements that need to be met for the particular freight to be transported correctly, e.g. refrigeration.


  2. After adding this information to the quotation request form the forwarder can then search through a database of carriers on the TrustedTrucks network and use filters to find carriers who meet specific requirements, i,e being based in Berlin, having refrigeration capabilities, and of course being qualified (meaning being pre-screened for licenses and insurance).


  3. Once the forwarder has found the right carriers, the carriers can be selected, then the forwarder can send the quotation request to all of them with just one click.


  4. If the forwarder couldn’t find a suitable carrier on TrustedTrucks but has one in mind, he\she can simply add the carrier’s email address to the invitation screen and send them the quotation request too.


  5. Last but not least, after sending the quotation requests, the forwarder can monitor this request from one screen and compare the quotes as they come in. It’s less time-consuming to prepare and send quotations and it’s easier to pick the best quote every time.

Register your company and access 1000’s Carriers to send digital quotation requests to. 

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