What is an EU license and how I can get one?

What is an EU license and how can I get one? 

If you intend to transport goods for commercial purposes in Europe, you’ll need to apply for a community license before you can get started. The community license, more commonly known as an EU or EC license, is an essential document for transport companies that operate in Europe. It entitles its holder to conduct commercial road haulage both domestically and across borders in the European Union.

The license is issued by your local traffic authority and has a validity period of up to 10 years, with the option to renew upon expiration. 

How do I apply for an EU license?

Before you you can apply for an EU License you need to complete the following: 

1.Register your business as a transportation company in Europe. 

2.Obtain documentation that proves your professional competence

  • The director of your company and your transportation manager must prove their professional suitability by providing proof of passing an examination set by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. 
  • You can also prove professional suitability if you have worked as a manager in a company that transports goods commercially for at least 10 years, without interruption. 

3.Your company must also meet the requirements for financial stability:

  • The company must have a sufficient amount of equity and reserves:
  1. A minimum of € 9,000.00 is required as a reserve for your first truck in your transportation license application, there after each truck will require a € 5,000.00 reserve each. 
  2. A certificate confirming the availability of these funds should be obtained from your company’s bank. 

Once you have taken care of these prerequisites, you can make your application for the community license at your local traffic authority. 

What documents do I need for the application? 

1.Proof of your reliability, these are generally extracts from the following registers:

  • The Federal central register
  • The Driver suitability register
  • The Central trade register 

2.Certifications from the Tax office, Health insurance company and a professional co-operative for the transportation of goods, post logistics, telecommunications (BG traffic) 

The authority may request additional documentation which can be seen in the list below, the list is not exhaustive:
  • Your company registration certificate
  • Your company shareholder list
  • A police clearance certificate
  • Your employee social security certificates
  • Trade registry extract
  • Confirmation of your company’s financial status
  • Drivers license certificate
  • A complete list of the vehicles to be used

How much does the EU license cost and how long is the processing time?

The community license will cost you between €120.00 – €700.00 and the processing time is usually under 3 months from the time that the responsible body has possession of all the documentation. 
Applying for permits and licenses can prove to be challenging. We hope that you’ve found this short article useful. Once you have successfully obtained your EU license be sure to join the TrustedTrucks network and add your new EU license to your very own TrustedTrucks profile and connect with logistics professionals. 

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