TrustedTrucks helps you to fulfill customer demand quickly without having to sacrifice compliance. Manage your risk efficiently and digitise your business processes today.

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TrustedTrucks will help you to take advantage of the industry’s latest technologies

Effortless compliance that brings you peace of mind

Compliance can be complicated to manage and enforce across a supply chain, with TrustedTrucks you can organise and streamline the qualification process and make compliance a simple task that doesn’t disrupt your operational efficiency or impact your client relations adveresly.

Enjoy the most advanced qualification process in the logistics industry

Qualification management can be a challenging task with a lot of time consuming back and forth communication, with TrustedTrucks, you won’t have this hassle. Every company on the TrustedTrucks network has a unique and easy to update company profile. Thanks to cutting edge technologies it’s easier than ever manage your partner qualifications in one place.

TrustedTrucks takes the complexity out of logistics operations

The TrustedTrucks solution has been built with qualification at it’s foundation, allowing for later features to be developed on a foundation that allows information and data to flow seamlessly in a secure manner. This has provided significant potential for logistics operations to be properly connected and streamlined from qualification, to settlement and everything inbetween.

Digitise your operations with TrustedTrucks today and take advantage of the industries latest innovations.

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How does TrustedTrucks maximise your output

Through the use of innovative solutions that we have built on top of our qualification platform to bring you features that integrate all of your businesses processes like never before.


· Create comprehensive company profiles · Ensure that you work with compliant providers · Manage your carrier qualification documents in one place

Proof of Delivery

· Prove delivery with verifiable evidence · Reduce the need for physical contact · Speed up the settlement process

Invoicing & Order Management

· Manage your orders in a realtime dashboard · Issue / receive credit notes · Link your transport orders, invoices, clients and partners effortlessly

Route Search

· Find carrier routes · Create new business relationships · Fulfill orders more efficiently

Our community

The TrustedTrucks network of forwarder spans throughout Europe with the networks largest grouping of forwarders in Germany
“It is easy to handle, it is very clear. All the steps are very self-explanatory”
“Since we implemented TrustedTrucks we’ve reduced our legal costs and strengthened our compliance levels across our partner network.”

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